I fail to hold on to the slipping sensation of touch. Its absence creates visceral haunting that enacts an else-ness, an aura. I am curious about re-contextualization that occurs when one subject/object touches, leans into, or falls away from another, and how this distance changes each subject’s identity, sometimes creating a whole new entity.

surface tension explores permeations of touch and desire through subjects that fold, conceal, reveal, repeat, lead, stretch, bend, pull, and make impressions on one another, contextually through sequencing, and literally within their content. Pages physically brush up against one another, stacking, and revealing relationships. A heightened shift of image content including digital files, abstractions, landscapes, and highly detailed depictions emphasizes a sense of distance.

Throughout my book, the screen, defined by depicted membranous materials, and the picture-plane, withholds and reveals information. This creates an intimacy and distance to or from what may be beyond or in front of the lens. At times, perforations in the screen reveals information to a beyond, something further, and out of reach. I relate the screen to desire, and find similarities in boundaries and the distance created by both. The screen acts as a mediation, a skin to a body sometimes beyond the line of sight.

Depicted boundaries, surfaces, visceral tactility, brief periods of interdependence, and layering of surfaces act as interpretations, experiments, stand-ins, for and of the relationships between insatiable desire, touch, distance, and loss. Presence of absence restructures, heightens, drains, confuses, and entrances the viewer in a zooming in and out of hyper-focused depictions, abstract planes, the body, lush color, the grotesque, strange phenomena, and nature.

surface tension, 8" x 10", 45 pgs, cover and back: embossed black plike paper, inside: HP bright white paper, edition of 3

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