riel Sturchio (they/she) is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice often utilizes photography and its extensions. Sturchio uses their experiences as a queer, non-binary, chronically ill artist to provoke, and criticize socially idealized normative fantasies of beauty, ability, and gender identity. They pair their academic background in critical queer phenomenology, bodily disorientation, and affect to explore the sculptural tactility of sound, the mediation of distance through varieties of touch, and queer identity through analog photography. They are interested in how their body is forced into disorientation through disease and use this perspective as a foundation for evoking affect through their work.

Currently, riel is a teaching artist at The University of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX), Wheaton College (Norton, MA), and St. Edward's University (Austin, TX).

They also have a design studio for freelance projects.

contact: riel@utexas.edu

Select CV available here

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